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PostSubject: stone of chance   stone of chance Icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2008 3:20 pm

I just noticed that you guys removed stone of chance.... However you didnt warned anyone and didnt gave the people to time to use their last stone of chances.... I have a cjb and i use splashy to lvl and sw to pvp

Although i dont have enouf SP to have both if i wanne have groupcure.... If you people would have told me you would remove stone of chance i would reset gc so i can have both.... Now my character can only be a healer in pvp... which i dont want it to be.... When i started playing on this server is aw we could buy socs so i started playing based on beeing able to use socs.

Now you removed them and my character is pretty useless in pvp now... So i'm asking you could i use one more stone of chance? My ingame name is Butramas.
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stone of chance
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